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Dragon Slayer by rabbitinafoxden

Dragon Slayer


Originally posted on FA on Jul 20th, 2015 07:07 PM

Original drawing of Fia, the down-on-her-luck adventurer!


Poor Fia. She had tried so hard.

She just wanted to be a Hero. Was that so much to ask? She had everything she needed: the magic sword, impressive combat skills, a tragic backstory as an impoverished waif whose father died when she was young but she overcame her background to achieve great things. All she was missing was the “great things” part.

But no one seemed to want her! Every kingdom she visited either already had their own Hero, or they just didn’t want to cast their lot with an inexperienced one. Well, how was she supposed to get experience if they wouldn’t let her try to save them! She wasn’t asking for much: just give her a chance to face one, tiny mortal peril. She would prove herself. She knew she would.

And then, finally, she found one! A kingdom had just recently had a princess kidnapped by a dragon. Fia could take care of this! She could handle a silly dragon!

So imagine her disappointment when she arrived and found out that the dragon hadn’t followed the rules.

And the worst part is, that dragon still looks a little hungry, and Fia has the sinking feeling that the dragon is planning on sending her to join that princess very soon.

(In response to the question “why is her fur pink,” my answer is a resounding “why the hell not?”)

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