Anna in a Swimdress by Raakone (critique requested)

Anna in a Swimdress (critique requested)


2 May 2021 at 20:22:35 MDT

Firstly, thank you to KiddyFriendlyOCs ( Sorry DeviantArt Only) for giving me the blessing to draw this. They came up with this cute girl, Anna. She isn't mine.

I just designed what she's wearing.

Here she is, somewhere on Pavonia (how did she get there? I haven't figured that out yet, no need to ask yet), dressed the way the locals normally do for swimming, in a saia-e'o or sai'a-ikwa, or water-dress. This is what girls and women wear to go swimming in the Kingdom of Zyga, on Pavonia.

Anna really loves butterflies, so I even included them as the "pesae", or ornamental weights. Usually they are spherical, but in Anna's case here, they're shaped like butterflies. Because Anna loves butterflies. The weights were, once upon a time, much larger, but they'd turn the dress into a death trap if there was any current in the water, their purpose was to hold the dress down when entering the water, especially if jumping in, so it doesn't flap out.

Also, a swimdress, like most Pavonian clothing, typically had a means to tighten the tail-hole. As she has no tail, the hole is sewn shut, but the drawstrings with puffy handles are there, and here they are made to like like butterfly antennae...but fluffier (real butterfly antennae tend to be simple and club or knob opposed to the feathers that moths have)

This will be her first time swimming in such an outfit.

Also, the background has Pavonian "red grass." Also put in a few odds and ends to add character. Hope you like it. And hope Anna has a wonderful swim!

Reminder, Anna (C) KiddyFriendlyOCs
Outfit (C) Yours truly

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