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Commission Info!! by r444d

Commission Info!!


yeehaw, finally made a new one, with new prices and everything!!
also, now i'll take like real money commissions AND point commissions ahh so excited
and of course i'll now give my best and everything!! i'll try to make the commissions look as good as possible ahah


R U L E S :

☁ after i'm done with the commission you can do with it what you want, except for tracing it or claiming as yours! (or making money with it, of course!)
☁ FIRST THE PAYMENT and then i'll start drawing it!
☁ if you wanna know how much i've done of your commission, then look at my to do list!
☁ i'll only draw up to 4 characters!
☁ if you're not satisfied with your commission i'm gonna re-do it, but you'll have to pay me +30% of the original price!
☁ i have the right to deny any commission!
☁ if you really want to cancel the commission, i will refund you, but if i already started with the commission i'm going to keep some of the money!
☁ please be patient with me, it could take 4 days - 3 weeks to finish it depending on how busy i am!
☁ if there are any other questions, feel free to send me a note or contact me on!

P R I C E S :
double the price for two characters!

▪ I C O N S ▪
1.5$ or 150 pts
(2$ or 200 pts for connected icons)
[i can do 50x50 or 100x100 icons]

▪ C H I B I S ▪
3-4$ or 300-400pts

▪ R E G U L A R . S T Y L E ▪
without a background:
4-9$ or 400-900pts

with a simple background:
5-10$ or 500-1000pts

with a complicated background:
8-15$ or 800-1500pts

▪ L I N E L E S S ▪
13-20$ or 1300-2000pts

▪ D O O D L E S ▪
2-4$ or 200-400pts

Apple, Rei [c] Me
Yuki, Casper [c] Cindy
Billy [c] Dude, that's my ghost!

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