Statement about Kinsy and Floc (My Sonas) by R0tten-S0ul

Statement about Kinsy and Floc (My Sonas)


20 January 2021 at 07:21:58 MST

Ello Folks!
You are free to ignore this entirely, I just felt like I had to clarify something.
Something I was thinking the entire last night about.

I once planned to "split" Kinsy and Floc, into a NSFW and SFW Sona.
But, I won´t do that anymore.

Kinsy and Foc both are my Sonas, and I both love them, and I often stated I want them out of any NSFW Related Art.

Now I just uploaded smug with Kinsy myself.

So I think I need to clarfiy the fact that I will ONLY used my Sonas for smug art for a special occassion. (or when I´m super horny)

:glycolsardiusicon: got an Image with Kinsy because they just blew way to much money up my a$$, so it was my personal way of saying "thank you"

But, I just don´t feel comfortable enough to use my Sonas with Smug with absolute anyone, I have Penji for that job.

So don´t take the Images featuring my Sonas too personal.
I´m dumb and most of the time don´t know what I want myself.

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