carry on my wayward son by Quincy

carry on my wayward son


10 May 2014 at 22:02:57 MDT

For a mother that has stuck by her son in the most dreadful of times. Things are getting harder, life is getting tougher and even as when we don't see eye to eye, you're there. I may not agree with all the things you say and you may not agree with all the things I say, but you're still there for me feeding and housing me, doing what you can to help me, and driving me places when I can't get there on my own. You push me and I hate it but it's what I need, and even though we're going through a rough patch, I know you'll be there through the rain, sheltering me, until the sun shines again.

Happy Mothers Day, Mom<3


as an added note, I wanted it to be simple, because the relationship between my mother and me is straight forward, bright in the dark times. Any 'flaws' you likely want to point out are probably there for a reason.

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    what a beautiful, heartfelt picture~ i'm sure she'll love it. i'm very grateful to her for helping to create such a lovely person.

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    I told you I wasn't the only one who thought you were an amazing person to know and have. She will love this piece for sure. You keep improving and surprising over and over again. <3