Red Passion Stages 1 to 3 by Quilmeleon

Red Passion Stages 1 to 3


3 August 2014 at 12:37:25 MDT

Top Pic
Decided on a pic series of us in our evolutions (cyndamander x totodile) then on up from there. I am taller than him in each evolution which makes it more adorable. Each pic will be SFW.

This is our first stages and its adorable me seducing him in the woods. My bashful dile so cute and sexy. Yeah you know what I am up to. No good and lots of TLC lol.

Center Pic
Part 2 of our evolution series the teen years. Even though this is Acid's normal evolution to be seen in x3. But yeah this shows years later and well he likes keeping me tubby and with Acid this is the only way to ensure that lol. Yes Acid is expecting. I am an avid breeder lol. The text she came up with is perfect and adorable.

I love her new style she is trying out. My fatty croc is still romantic and comforting even now and OMG fat charlava <3 <3 <3. One more to go and its going to be just as adorable.

<3 you hun

Bottom Pic
Part 3 of our evolution series. His feraligator form and my typhzard enjoying a stary night out. Seriously my round belly is his pillow forever <3

She did a wonderful job and hope you liked all three.

Acid (c) quilmeleon

Harley (c) Harleydragon

Art (c) Syntex