Kei Stands Out (Page 3) by QuigleyDownUnder

Kei Stands Out (Page 3)


20 January 2014 at 17:55:47 MST

As Kei grew, he was largely ostracized by the pride members. The other cubs had been told nasty things about him, and they refused to play with him. Even his siblings, Eko and Brisa, had to be convinced by their mother to take Kei out to play with them. The only comfort he had was that of his mother. Kei couldn’t understand why he was so hated by everyone else, what had he done wrong? “You must not let your opinion of yourself be changed by others, Kei,” she would always tell him. “They fear you because you are different, but that is what gives you fortitude. I know what an amazing life you will lead, and they will too; you just need to be patient. One day this will all be worth it.”
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