You well never harm another child by QuickTron

You well never harm another child


19 May 2015 at 18:33:45 MDT

Vixie: "I just had about enough of your shit Victor or should i say Mr. Purple guy. first you muddier all those kids right in front of me then you program me to bite a inanest child just to cover you fucking tracks and had the company tare me apart calming i was do dangers to be around and let not for get you had me going around stocking EVERY security guard that ever worked at Freddy's AND EVEN TRY TO KILL THEM FOR YOUR AMUSEMENT. no not this time Mr. Purple man. I became self aware now and i know all the dirty little deed you have done.

now if your turn to be chopped up and stuffed so you know how it FEELS! oh and one more thing the name was never Mangle, it was VIXIE!

(( This was idea i had for alternate ending where Mangle became self aware fixed her self up and took revenge on the children's killer. you know how the saying goes. Never mess with mama fox ))

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