dark days are coming by QuickTron

dark days are coming


13 February 2014 at 22:09:28 MST

celestia: It been while since we had PortalMaster visit are world But by your looks of your presents it not good.

Dusty: As much as I wish that I'm here to visit and set down to have Tea your Majesty I do come with bad news. The Forger is awaking. there has been sites of Arkeyans in your lands and the once lost Arkeyan Ship " the Dieing Dawn" Has been seen rise from the cloud Abuse and is head to the place where "the Forgers resting spot is. the last battle you and Eon have fought him in the great War those many ages ago. At this time My skylanders are gathering at the core of light and are ready for battle as the civilizes are sent some place safe till this threat has been put to rest.

Celestia: The Forger, And here I though we put that monster to rest. His rain was so bad we had to erase his history from are books. Even Discord Fear him. even the his name can turn anyone white as fresh snow on the first day of Winter.
I well have meeting with my sister and other rulers of Equestria and tell them we Must Prepare for War. I well not have the Forger ruin my Kingdom again.

Dusty: Vary well Princess I well go back to Skylands and tell them we have
your full Allegiance.

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