Lora the lugia Knight Enforcer by QuickTron

Lora the lugia Knight Enforcer


23 September 2016 at 09:37:15 MDT

Lora is the Commanding officer of the Knight Enforcer and this one Lugia that her job Seriously for when ever there terrorist attack in the area she take action right away and dose what ever she can to fix or stop the problem from getting worse or get out of hand and try to have as little to no casualties during the situation that is going on.

if thing do fall out of control that where Lora well take more drastic Measures, go in her self and take care of what or who ever started the problem and end it right away and Depending on the crime, she well not hesitate to take a life. Killing Hostages or treating to blow area up that is danger to other well automatically get the Terrorist the Death Sentience.
There has been time where has killed few criminals slowly just prove that the Knight Enforces well not negotiate with there terms. It's give up or Die Horribly.

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