Girl talk by QuickTron

Girl talk


2 April 2016 at 09:24:17 MDT

Karen: "So how was did your date go last night?"

Susan: " terrible, It's last time I ever date a Human again for there all just perverts. All this guy wanted to was take me to his place and have sex with him. I mean really you think just because I'm fat you think I'm desperate? come on! The worst part was he all into that bondage and foot fetish Crap! I'm girl who has fun interest then just sex. He has no idea what Anime even was nor has dose he play any Video games and you would think a dating Site for nerds like me would be easily find someone to bond with. Nooo, It's just a place for bastards to get one night stand. Really what happen to the humans these days? they have no respect for us at all. For now on I'm only going to date my own kind. Dragonite!"

Karen:" Now you see why I only go out with my kind as well. you'll have fare better luck and Just be glad the humans we hang out with have more respect for us."

Susan:" well yeah they know if they cross us well burn there asses"

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