Sally Acorn by QuickTron

Sally Acorn


9 June 2015 at 04:14:53 MDT

wow it been long time since i did any fan art of Sally from the old sonic cartoon i used to watch as a kid. and oddly enough i thing she was my first crush. yeah i was wired kid at the time but really i moved on now XD.

but really i was happy on how this came out i wanted to draw sally in my own style and see how it come out and damn she look like bad ass like on them anime cop girls, they look sexy but well, kick, your, ASS! Also the thing on her neck is the Nichol that computer she used to run around with but now is used and neck piece. sally can just use her voice commands on then have in her paws all the time.

i do plane on draw her more and have her guess star in my skylander world for i had idea that the new portalmaster that coming soon got in trouble in her world and she had to hunt the bastard down and chase him all way to skylands and she not going leave till she bring his Ass back so he face his trail for his crimes but more on that later.

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