Anthrocon 2013 Badge Preorders Now Available!! by QuetzaDrake

Anthrocon 2013 Badge Preorders Now Available!!


26 May 2013 at 17:37:14 MDT

Yes, just like last year, I will be taking badge commission preorders in preparation for Anthrocon 2013 (although you can order one even if you aren't going to Anthrocon this year)! Here's some info on the badges themselves, payment options, pick-up/mailing options, and so forth:

The Badges

This year I'm offering both the classic Chibi style from last year as well as a new headshot Bust style to pick from, in case you already have a Chibi style badge or you just want something different! The badge will be of your character as well as your name or nickname written below it.

The Chibi badges are around 3.25" x 4.25", while the Bust badges will be around 3" x 3.1". They're printed on photo paper and laminated in 10mm thick lamination paper. Each badge will also come with a free badge clip so you can put it on yourself immediately!

Further examples of the Chibi badge style can be found here:


As stated above, either option of badge will be $25 each this year. If you're not attending Anthrocon this year, you can choose to have your badge mailed to you, with domestic shipping being free and international shipping costing an extra $5 for those fees.

Payment, Pickup, and Mailing

Payment options for those attending Anthrocon are either Paypal prior to the con or cash during pick-up at the con. Payment for those not attending the convention is exclusively through Paypal.

For those attending Anthrocon, you will be able to pick up your ordered badge(s) at the Pangolin Press dealer's table located at table A13. For those not attending Anthrocon, your badge will be mailed to you from Pangolin Press (i.e. :immelmann) when completed.

The Process

To start, simply comment in this journal, PM me, or email me at with the following details:

Name on Badge: (the name you want on the badge; not necessary but try to make it 6-9 letters if possible, it's tough to make short names work well)

Name Color: (optional, but if you have a preference for what color you'd like the gradient on your name to be, feel free to tell me)

Emotion/Pose: (the sort of face you want to be making and, for Chibi, whatever sort of pose you'd like to be doing; you can leave this up to me but it may be kind of generic, if you're okay with that)

Reference(s): (provide at least one good detailed and colored reference image of your character if possible; if lacking that colors or an image at all, please provide a VERY detailed written description of your character, be as thorough as possible so I shouldn't have to ask you for clarification on anything)

Payment/Receiving Option: (how you want to both pay for and acquire the badge; i.e., Paypal and pick-up, Paypal and mailed, or cash and pick-up)

Mailing Address: (if you will want your badge mailed to you, please provide a mailing address to receive the badge at)

Once I feel the information you provide me is complete and satisfactory enough, I will reply to confirm your order and add you to the queue. If paying via Paypal and planning to pick up at Anthrocon, I will also give you my Paypal address so that you may pay the $25+ for your order(s). Please also include some way to identify you within the Paypal note or confirmation like your username or something so that I know it's you. Work on Paypal-paid badges won't begin until after payment is confirmed. For those planning to pay in-person at the con, work will begin right when your turn comes up in the queue.

The badge(s), once completed, will then be previewed to you via whatever method you communicated with me. You'll then be able to check to see if the badge is to your liking and to tell me if there's any major changes that need to be done. Once you're satisfied with the drawing, it'll be passed to immelmann so that he can print it and all that good stuff. If picking up at the con, it'll be waiting for you at the table. If being mailed, it'll be mailed to you when Immy can get to it.

And that's it! There's no limit on how many badges you can get or what types or whatever (even if you already have a Chibi badge from me from last year), so feel free to order however many you want... although if I somehow do get a ridiculous amount of preorders, I may ask people to dial back to one or two each, if necessary. Also, those who wish to order a badge and won't be picking up at Anthrocon, please keep in mind that Anthrocon-pick-up badges will take priority over yours, since I need to finish them before the con obviously.

Hope to get a lot of orders from you guys, and thanks in advance!

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    Oooh, I would totally get one, but I'm not sure if I can come up with a car-related idea for the con theme, and I'd really wanna do that for a badge. :c

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      To be honest I wouldn't know how to put a car into a badge and frankly I don't want to, I suck at cars.

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        Hrm...Maybe stereotypical scorpion jacket. SOMETHING MUST COME UP WITH SOMETHING.