QuetzaDrake Reference Sheet 2016 by QuetzaDrake

QuetzaDrake Reference Sheet 2016


15 September 2016 at 21:43:27 MDT

Wow holy shit art.

So the last time I drew a reference sheet was 5 years ago, so being pretty inspired by immelmann immelmann's recent fursona changes and some other stuff, I decided to do some updates of my own to my dragon fursona that I've had since the start with a new ref sheet.

Overall remains the same brown drake with blue hair he's always been, but some changes and updates, too. For one, new hairstyle that hearkens back a little to the original pointy swept-back hairstyle I used to have. Also, I guess after a decade the horns have finally grown some, since they're much bigger and more obvious than they used to be (at this point my old horns felt really unnoticeable whenever I or others drew them), which also means a ditching of that hat I used to wear. Also ditched the collar and have put on a nice red overshirt instead.

Last major update are anatomical things, mainly my leg/foot structure, ditching the old feral-looking leg structure, getting back the more humanish leg structure, but still retaining big, wider digitigrade feet. Oh, and also, ears can move now. They probably could before, but it seemed like they never did, like they were elf ears or something, so putting it in and making it more obvious will help give off the emotions mammalian furries tend to have, too.

Also decided to draw out a feral form, finally. Kinda had one in my head for many years but it was never brought up or drawn or anything. Nothing super-special, but it's nice to have finally. I always imagined this form as being by default only the size of a large horse, but, well, as with anything involving me, size can vary wildly.

So yeah, woo. Basically the same but with some updates here and there, as I've always done for over a decade. And yeah the rabbit and lemur probably still exist. Also mulling over a cat to replace or go alongside, I dunno.

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    He's got a nice ponytail.