Intrusive Thoughts by QuesadillaWizard

Intrusive Thoughts


22 January 2015 at 06:30:57 MST

Return of the wtf-o-clock creepy personal art.

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    Whoaaaa I love everything about this

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      Thank you so much! And thank you for visiting!

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    the eye fungus is just...TOO COOL. i love this.

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    This turned out beautifully oh MAN those liens are so crisp and gorgeous and that fungi mm mmm I hope this helped you to feel a little better! It's obvious you put a lot into it. The way the fur ruffles around those shelf fungi, I can't stop staring.

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      Thank you Sambaaaaam. I used a much smaller lining brush this time!

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    What freakishly fungal fiendishness is this!? This is so awesome I... felt I had to make a scene for this.

    I heard the bird rap at my door; tweeting out its mating call or whatever it was on about. Must've been the 15th time today that it had the nerve to peck at my doorstep. Annoying creature. I walked that way to chase it off. Yet the crunch... I swear I heard a crunch. The bird's incessant twittering had stopped. I too stopped, dead in my tracks.
    Was that its bones!? The sudden thought made me take a step back. That's ridiculous. But that sound... what else could it be?
    Before I could make sense of this the doorknob turned of its own accord and the door swung forward slowly and I responsively held my breath as the bad feeling skittered its way up my spine. Even the wind had stilled. At first I saw what I thought was a deer. I didn't remember exhaling and yet I somehow gasped deeply, my hand going over my mouth as I heard more crunches from its laboring jaw. Maybe it was a deer, but one possessed. Despite it's unearthly appearance though it was neither spirit nor demon driving its mind. This zombified thing was being driven by fungal spores and the spread of its propagation all throughout its head.. bursting plentiful and lively from its eye sockets.
    How could this deer still be alive... is it alive? What did *IT want exactly? The entity it is now... should I be afraid? Surely it would not--*
    And yet... its neck still pushed the door open further.