Kind and Wise by QuesadillaWizard

Kind and Wise


4 October 2014 at 00:06:57 MDT

I find myself asked for advice more often than not these days. I never mind. I listen to problems and think about what I’ve figured out so far and then give my opinions. I hope they’re helpful ones. I’m a lot like my dad in that way.

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    I should remember to ask you for advice sometime. :] You know, it's so weird, like sometimes I feel that getting smarter is just learning to recognise situations you don't have the power to fix and it's sort of sad but at the same time I'm glad I'm not that smartass teenager I used to be. It's like I understand life a little better and I seem to find people who understand it all better than me but then... dammit, if we all got so much smarter in the last half a decade then why everything is still such a mess? But I guess we all learned to handle this mess better, that should count for something.

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      I've spent a looot of time people watching.

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        I guess that goes hand in hand with being a writer.

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    Love the lighting here. This image is calming yet very powerful!

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    Crownless has a powerful heart (flex) Your advice, encouragement and outlook have inspired me in many ways over the years