Adherent Arakkoa Cosplay by querulousArtisan

Adherent Arakkoa Cosplay


12 May 2016 at 21:06:03 MDT

Collab Adherent Arakkoa cosplay with reio on furaffinity

So, finally got the official photos from the Dragoncon WoW and Video Game costume contests. Which means you all finally get to see the full cosplay! I have a lot of adjustments to do (fix up the wings, redo tail and feet, add fan into head) but all and all, I love how this turned out. Especially the work my mate did on the head. This is thus far my largest cosplay, and it is very tiring to wear, and I need a handler, but so worth it.

Together with Kidaei, it took about two months on and off to complete.

Mask base is a DVC base. Wings made based off of Sunnybrook1's tutorial on deviantart.

Photos by the official Dragoncon team.

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Visual / Sewing / Knitting


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    Wow, love the feathers and the outfit works well. I'm trying to put together an outfit for my own birb, Honeydoo the Eagle. How heavy and mobile are the wings?

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      Sorry for taking forever to reply! The wings are a bit heavy with all the wiring, and it is really difficult for me to hold anything with them (I needed help drinking water and stuff) I am going to be seeing if I can change some aspects to make the wings lighter. However, the movement on the wings was awesome, and having them articulated was honestly a lot of fun.