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The Bell goes ding by QuentixStarwing (critique requested)

The Bell goes ding

Under the realm of the wind, reigns the sovereign of sound
Bring the mighty gong to dance within the place it stills
Carry the ring of every song, like a sullied vice
Happy sparks of narrow sounds will ever be a ping
Never are they left unfound when standing by the pong
Perish the thought of limiting a louse should have founded
Reign in the final losses throughout the measure of a person
Here it will stand as a final testament when considering its ever forth palace
When thy presence doth realize the measure in force
It shall have been a strong finality

When the bell goes ding.

The Bell goes ding (critique requested)


Things roll forward and thoughts that form into solid things, gain shape through effort and are molded by thought. Before they are released upon the world in a shape. Whether they are final or but a draft is as little as a title. It is not unlike sound, one being called a 'draft' and the other 'final', something that requires attention and careful efforts. Diligence is the key one could say.

Even with some silly titles, things can be excellent. Enjoy this piece!

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