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Is that all? by QuentixStarwing

Is that all?

To think a simple clue stands
Causing the bitter green to rise
Is this all here is to you?
Nothing but a simple mind, blatantly lost
With so much potential left to useless thought
Hopeless aim to one but simple gain
A creature of your kind of pathetic
A miserable hope
Callous and boastful
Wanting all but one thing
The same thing that means nothing to ye
Just a lost aim, for the one thing
The intent and the surge
The swell of the wave of need, going to utter bite and hell
Helpless, hopeless, callous, bounded, pitiful
Pathetic as the muffled whispers of your small brain
The pea minded simple that wavers in one point
One place is what becomes of thee, a sad cause long lost
Leaving one to nothing but a sad, sideline seat to the show
Mindless living worth found in a cretin
Controlled by his lust, by a need for more, an endless gathering

The question remains the same for the disturbing wretch who shows off a house of cards

Is that all?

Is that all?


11 October 2018 at 00:00:53 MDT

A poem that surges with my senses and feelings towards disgusting shallows, not just people, but those who might descend into the territory of oily, shells, or slimy amoebas that pretend to be people.

It is a real deep one, boy it captures the strongest essence from within, I am happy to share it! This one was pretty awesome, please enjoy!

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