Modern Day Knight by QuentixStarwing

Modern Day Knight

With honest day's work that is fit and neat,
comes for a diligent and courteous sort
Armor worn upon the brow, like a sallet shone
As if an iron brow of steeled wit and focus
Battered only by daily grit, but it does not yield

Formal, kind, and with a heart to show
One to give, guarded by a potent durable chestplate,
Defensive qualities in yield, quickly being tested
From all directions, verbal daggers and acts of the fiendish
Searching for chinks, but none have yet found

Shield in hand and blade out first
Striking down idiocy and foolishness
With daily deeds all done in a day's work, only more became force
From home to a free day, from sarcasm to humor shared
A golden firmness that stands tall

But normal, naught but human
All more in heart and strong in stature
Simply a firm standing, with eyes on adventure
Creative wit prepared to plot new roads, into the wild open
If only ever through an urban jungle, through cyberspace thicket

One can know a modern knight, a sturdy and stalwart soul.

Modern Day Knight


17 May 2018 at 06:26:43 MDT

Inspired by a friend of mine who soldiers through so very much, sometimes when life gives you a tough time, there is nothing left but a code, a stoicism that belongs to another time, and a heart that sits, will to do anything even before the likes of a violent open world tough on those shoulders.

Know the will of a modern knight and enjoy!

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