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Starlight Ripples by QuentixStarwing

Starlight Ripples

Like a cast of tune, within the rhythm of waves
A stake set upon the beautiful nocturne that is a sky
Songs like dreams have found their imagery in a place
How never to touch fingertips with that wisp of a daze
Leaving one's mind vivid, lucid, and yet with a lazy, hazy halo stream

Always in touch and yet so far from the island grasp
Where one may dream, may sleep, may swim and drink deeply
Surrounding waters like a pillow of desire, with that lure ever present
An unsated thirst that is most welcome and yet so far, so few, so like a fellowship
Unchained promises that come with the urge, a need that runs deep within the mind
With no direction to guide its ever present pillar at the top

Dead Volcanic ridges stand high on the most daring point of the view
From above a divide begins to form, as the small raving trembles come from below
How like it is for one to seek knowledge in even the darkest trench?
There upon the finite view, without a moment to stand be so true
Is where Unique and the mirror become the measure for the swaying lines

Whereas massive, Starlight Ripples, blow one's mind.

Starlight Ripples


Written again, by gosh...finding a muse is a fortune one can ill afford, I suppose it has come and risen! While my heart bounds with joy at writing more, this twilight dream has come abroad. Some come and mentally feast upon the vision, by one that helped spark that ignition. A marvel stands and perhaps this is, whether glorious or lacking glamor, I am proud of this piece as it stands!

Please R & R! Enjoy!

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