A rugged stance by QuentixStarwing

A rugged stance

On the edge of Space where one may lurk, how better to find...and more to lurch
Where is it the rocks have fallen, perhaps they have only gathered
What is the real measure of men, perhaps the one where we too have whispered
That in the spot where weaker beings have become nothing but victims to position
They lacked a rugged stance.

To be taken seriously
To be etched from the stones of nature
However will they become what they preach?
To find that place that will allow their goals
They must take a rugged stance.

What is there it gain from the edge of survival?
Perhaps more the attempt in life becomes a growing sore?
Then your heart shall become nothing but a crutch
A part of thy humanity that kneels
That must be the will to a rugged stance.

Don't be that one that finds a reason
The one to buckle a knee or fall to the side
Yielding ground is something not allowed
Unless it shall only be from that pause
They must feint a rugged stance.

It seems the goal was all along to draw a soul into its grasp
Believe and to be strong
Borrow and to unfold
To weaken or become lost
Foolishly one can only decide one of three options

To give up the stance, to stand solid, or to maintain a rugged stance and take on the world.

A rugged stance


17 June 2017 at 11:19:36 MDT

On the edge and brink by the day, where do we stand and what do we do? Sometimes it all hinges on a choice or our placement. What is it that we do in life? The options we take and make?A ll of it hinges on what one's will is. That is the real important thing to recall and even more to embrace when focused on trying to see what life may or may not have to offer.

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Enjoy it as I have writing it.

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