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Killer of the flow by QuentixStarwing

Killer of the flow

The pain within is a fiber
A thread at the center of the collection
One design that won't find its way out
It's own wish is nothing but to be seen and acknowledged.

This is the very thing that ceases the flow and its existence
Never anything to be guarded on its own place
One can only decide to feel hatred and pain
Self loathing at the weakness pertained by its taken form
It has not physical shape, only there with a song that is to sing
Find its own lost form in a lasso whipping

Taken at a whim, this is that on its own

A loss...Killer of the flow.

Killer of the flow


That one thing in life that only makes someone feel hurt and emptiness, then threatens to swell and fill you with that pain.

That's what it feels like sometimes, this is a most intriguing feeling and more frightening is that it draws one in. It promises something when you seek to understand it. The curious should beware of these rather ambivalent feelings.

I was stricken by a chord of heavy feeling and this is the first of three in this theme, please enjoy.

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