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The Path Forward by QuentixStarwing

The Path Forward

Never a clear one
Never a prospective one at first
Only the rough road forward is seen
That offbeaten pathway
The well traversed road with footsteps worn into the road
That complete forested area never walked upon
That oceanside cliff that has net yet been check
Or perhaps a desert that one has not stepped

The sand shall not clear the way for you
One must truge and carefully walk through
A time, a place, a spirit when able to step
Each shall only see the only forms growing
Stabilizing and forming on their own
There is never a straight-away nor a steady pace
If only the tragic will not become
If only the mystery will not shape

But that is the myth, the mystic, the secret
The path forward.

The Path Forward


21 November 2016 at 12:08:01 MST

This is what they say can be born of inspiration, this was and is such a time. What we call the measure and a merit in the vision before us. What lays ahead? No one really knows, only that which can either go and/or being about change.

That is the path forward. Please enjoy!

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