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Under a tale: Passage by QuentixStarwing

Under a Tale: Passage


It is how one would describe the path ahead of thee. Each step leading to another peril, even though in the safety of welcoming arms. A citizenry beheld by kindness, and mere understanding.

A Shop.

The place of supplies, a location that provides new items, a bandana to replace the bandage. A tough glove to be used for defense. As wary a soul that one can be, the shop keeper notices. Offering a place of rest to thy person, with a grateful nod, thy feet carry one on so. Trudging through the snow, one carefully wanders next door.


After paying the currency, the tired body lurches upstairs. Without much waiting involved, a tired form plops down on the soft bed. Curling up without even crawling under the blankets, the rest is sudden to claim thee. Within the thoughts, sleep is deep and soundly at first. With only nightmarish skies on the mental field showing a warning. Danger on the horizon does not phase who stays the path.


As the new day comes, the path begins anew. Leaving the Inn and with thoughts before a clouded mind, each step picks up quickly. Leering eyes are not what await, but soft ones of concern. As the reinvigorated one steps down, and is met in some surprise. They are given their gold back, given the remains of their currency, and were told to pay only when asleep for more than a short window.


Meeting the people of the snowy hamlet was a wondrous thing. Making new friends in children of the non-human variety seemed fair. All was good and joyous in kind, as merriments were had. Still through the passage of those within, thy wise mind inherited a locale to trek towards. The caves that were hither, along an icy river and its heavy snow flurried zone.


At first, like a ghost the image gave them pause. Where ahead stands a figure, with a little unsure vision in sight; strong urges to venture forth. Continuing that walk, that one who approached thine figure of a skeleton. A strong desire filling the soul. There was a strength that fueled kindness and will.


Under a tale: Passage


The next chapter in the Under a Tale series, we take a look at travel and find ourselves looking forward towards the passage, before us lays something strong. We have Determination.

Enjoy. =)

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