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Under a Tale: Evasion by QuentixStarwing

Under a Tale: Evasion

Behind a Lamp.

Eyes can only watch, weary of trust, desperate for sight that one can believe. Breathes fall in gentle as the heart beats rapidly, something comforting from a small one of humor brings hope. A taller one appears at first, dashing, menacing in a way, soon shows a softer side.


As listening brings insight, fun facts are picked up. The pair are kind, albeit eccentric in nature. Nothing that cannot be dealt with, with a focused mind; thy brave duty leads one forth. The exit in mind, these two shall bring joy.


Standing still in front of a rock, excitement is had. At first the identification is lost, leaving one to blink. The stone mistaken for a human? A question resonates across one's face briefly. Enthusiasm is met with a small smile, certainly this is a witty pair. Puns are the means of communication, with one reacting sourly; but secretly enjoying. Nothing can compare to this set that have been met. Bonds begin to forge, already feeling very familiar; eyes watch both carefully.


Interactions are a blast, surprisingly fun and with antics unbelievable in nature. Intelligent, yet silly. Goofy and yet capable. The taller of the pair is certainly bright, and one of great character. Boisterous speeches are met with silent nods. Challenges are met by careful action. Danger is but a minor, fleeting concern.


Civilization is soon come across. None could stop thee from proceeding, the means have fallen short, nothing but to throw a dog a bone; taking refuge in a local inn. The first real rest is met, what lays before the trail? Something that fills them with determination.

Under a Tale: Evasion


The tale continues! Here we take our next step forward with one of the next leg of this journey. What do we find? Something leading us forward without any lit path, only the one carved by Determination.


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