Verbally Alive by QuentixStarwing

Verbally Alive

To hear the thrumming of the whispering wind
The chatting of one bird to another
Or the rolling leaf upon the wind
There the dancing water walking down stream
The cauldron of the sea churning itself
While steam creeps over the edge of the horizon
The darkness soon blanketing the sky
With lights slowly scaring the shadows away
Lit candles dance as they play upon the wick
Yet only the cascading cream dizzy while spiraling
Never has the chatter of crickets been so cheery
Like a symphony of nature filling a stage
Everything comes together in harmony
Letting all shade, shadows, and darkened audience quietly enjoy
Yet another night upon time's edgy, spinning brow
As a top clears another revolution
Life sings on like an endless solution.

Verbally Alive


26 August 2015 at 08:01:20 MDT

Ever found inspiration from a song? One that I've heard a dozen times or more this week alone, I decided to give something in a similar thought at least by title. The poem led me on an excursion through thoughts and images, whilst I put it down for all to read. I hope you enjoy it! I know I did when writing it.

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