Enchanted Trip to the Earth by QuentixStarwing

Enchanted Trip to the Earth

Never the mode to accept
If anything ever to beat
Barred from the madness within a tree
Taken by the gate of the marred
Lost and found like a loose bloom
A tool returning to the efforts borrowed and much was seen
Narrowly longing to return to the sea
Like a selkie that has been sent to breath
Only the lacking and the old ways are gone
Liking the loathed is one thing lost in translation
Taken by the flow of the wind
Through the sea of grass
Along the enchanted earth river
One is streamed backwards
Soon caked in soil and silt
Burrowed deeply into the earth
Bragging and lacking all at once
Behold what thee has become
An earth dweller no more
But the Sub terran, thou has truly become.

Enchanted Trip to the Earth


16 August 2015 at 11:22:04 MDT

There is something that stands tall in part, but there seemed to be something in a part of its own. Enchanted to its own portion, someone seems to be communicating wide and long, what the Enchanted!

It's such a trip, down the lane of memory and find.


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