Final Round by QuentixStarwing

Final Round

The last chance for the bell of the brute to ring
Weaver of understanding and truth brings the pain
As the borrowed measure and take of the part shall bring
What brilliance, pain, comfort and truth
Let it be a thing that will unlikely come, if only the chance
Shall it never be done, if only a borrowed piece of the crop
Magnificent if ever the portion of life-like is done
Gather the pieces of the World stand on the martial stance
Like a play on the borrowed of peas in a pod shall never be done
When was it then that the agony was brought on
If only the pierce of shadows could never be done
Up and down while tangling about in the mackerel run waterways
Coming with the massive of guff, let you go and your part shall be borrowed and long
Thy will be done in that travesty hum, like a hymn in a brush

Final Round.

Final Round


8 August 2015 at 09:01:06 MDT

Take this kind of sound from thy lips and place it on the tip of a whistle and record what may or may not come from the parts of the heart in the soul in parts from nature. Please Enjoy.

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