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No Longer Accepting PayPal... Other Options? by quelico

No Longer Accepting PayPal... Other Options?


Hello All!

I'm in the process of rearranging how I would like to conduct my business. I understand that PayPal is not the best of services, due to many other artists who have had their accounts on hold, locked, etc. And in light of PayPal's "mistake" with posting their updated User Agreement (and then quickly redacting it), I'm fed up.

Do you have any services you like using that is a great way to accept payments, send invoices, eetc? I would love to continue doing commissions online for people.

Not sure how folks feel about services like Zelle, or Square... I have these services but currently do not use them. (I use Square strictly at events I am vending at, in person).

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment or email me!

Apologies for any inconvenience. I hope to update you all soon with commission information!

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    A couple months ago PayPal announced that they were going to remove the ability for business accounts to send money to friends and family without fees. That bothered me because I use a business account simply as a way to keep my real name hidden.

    Are there even more bad changes beyond that? I haven't heard about them yet.

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    Avoid Venmo, as it is owned by Paypal and thus will likely fall under similar policies. Closed my Paypal account as well. I don't care whether they "walked it back" or not, that they even THOUGHT it was acceptable to push a policy of "We can steal $2500 from you every time you buy or even say something we don't think you should have" shows a level of fascist totalitarianism that cannot be tolerated.

    To my knowledge Square is relatively "safe" but then I've never perused their ToS, either. My mom uses it to process card transactions at her shop. Not familiar with any other payment methods beyond the names, like Zelle or CashApp.