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Red Roan Horse by QueenofWolftria

Red Roan Horse


Another Roan because why not?
Red roan horses kinda remind me of Quarter Horses,
but I'm not sure if they can be this coloration.
The most difficult part I had with this drawing was the
shading and lightning because the brown I used was in
the reddish orange spectrum so for that I aimed for a magenta
color for the shading. Normally for red you shade with purple and with
orange you shade with red so I kinda tried to mimic those two colored mixed.
For the lightning however I first tried to aim for a pinkish coloring but later decided
to use yellow/goldish, however there are still some layers that had the pink in them.
Normally for me lightning takes many layers and different colors to build up too, like in
the A Magical Night (Redraw) it has a few layers of red lighting and mostly blue lightning, same goes for shading.
If you guys want me to make a tutorial (video tutorial) and lightning then please ask me.