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5 July 2014 at 14:45:52 MDT

Some personal work, for once! Just a character I was playing with a few days ago. Tent and I were brainstorming catsonas. I love calicos because they're 1. like 93% female or something, and 2. they're pretty, duh. I thought one would suit me just because I have a mixture of orange and dark brown freckles, I have dark brown eyes and auburn hair, and the only two colours my tattoos are in are black and red, so I'm all about the dark brown/black and ginger mixture. I picked a cornish rex because they have gigantic eyes. Also apparently they smell like cheese? Which is why her name is Muenster.

She's also kind of meant to replace an older character I had, which was a calico longhair named Anja that wore the same rolled-up bandana on her neck. I haven't used her in forever and I figured having two calico cat characters would be kind of silly.

I also designed one for Tent that is named Colby-Jack (Or CJ) and she's a ruddy Abyssinian, but I haven't drawn more than a doodle of her yet.

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    Calicos are my favourite cat as well!! (And wow, that is an impressive statistic and something I definitely did not know before?) This gal is so rad, I've really been enjoying watching your art style develop over the years! Your art features so many gorgeous organic tones, everything looks so appealing to the eye! Especially the shapes, fur, movement, and those perfect thin textured lines.

    I love reading about your character descriptions especially, they all have such interesting back stories and personalities which is so refreshing to see around here as opposed to a simple reference. Not that there's anything wrong with the latter, I just love reading in depth about characters!

    Beeeeeeeautiful work.

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      You are always so incredibly kind! I'm so honored you feel so strongly and positively about my work, even with small doodles like this. And hearing that someone actually enjoys my character babbling is flattering as well! I mostly develop characters for myself but it's really rewarding to know that someone else enjoys what I come up with. I just such a warm and happy feeling whenever you comment on my work, because I always finish reading it feeling like I'm accomplishing something by continuing to do art, and that's all I've ever wanted. So thank you so, so much. It really means a lot to me!

      ps, do you know if you'll be visiting the states for another con sometime in the near future? I'd love to see you again and get the chance to actually spend time with you!

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        Awww goodness thank you so much!! I definitely plan on visiting the states at some point on the future again, I had such a good time so it's always an ambition I'll be keeping on the side! I'd really love that especially, you seem like awesome company and I think I'd really enjoy it! I'll let you know when I start looking into it and I'm sure we can arrange something!

        PS. Came across something cool on the net today that I thought would be relevant to your interests if you haven't seen them before, haha. All female species of lizard, aka, "lizard lesbians"

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    omg yas fave cheese
    also cornish rexes are amazing and you got them spot on
    so nice to see non generic cats

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      Ahh thank you so much! I love cornish rexes, they're absolute darlings.

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    I can't think of anything constructive to say so I'll just go with "nice cat" ( 'w')b
    Someone told me I have the personality of a Calico the other day, not sure what they meant by that :b

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      Calicos are notorious for having a bit of a temper and being firery and strong-willed, and most people will refer to them as having an attitude! They're kind of sassy, I guess you could say. It's really just a coat colour and not a breed, so their personality is more likely to come from the bred characteristics, but it doesn't change what people say about em. They're precious, either way!

      And thank you! uwu

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        Haha, alright, I can see why they'd say that ;3
        Thanks for the info!