Andry Reference by quaggy

Andry Reference


22 December 2013 at 21:46:32 MST

I've needed a proper reference for Andry for a while now, so here we go.

I'm not at all particular about her markings or colours as long as she's pinkish with a purple nose and pawpads. Her eyes are the same colour as her nose.She usually just has the right ear shaved, but you can shave both or either or neither! Shaved ears usually have the earring but that's also not really necessary. She has a short muzzle and a big nose, and her legs are thick and fluffy.

Everything else is pretty much optional. Spotty marking edges, dog nips, collar, cowlick. Do what you want! You can also dye her ears different colours or add accents or draw her clothed or unclothed or literally anything. If you're not sure or have a question, just ask!


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    perfect smelly dog

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    what a good pup!!

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    I love this character so much

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    I love how the ear is shaved omg, what a cute idea!! it must take her a lot of fiddling to do it though haha