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reality keeps on coming recklessly


22 December 2013 at 21:35:57 MST

My extremely wonderful and close friend tent finally got me to watch all of Revolutionary Girl Utena not that long ago, and shortly afterward I decided I really needed a badge of Andry dressed as Utena. (The reasons may or may not be obvious depending on how well you know me, but it can basically be boiled down to "she's my favourite character on the show and also her hair is pink and so is Andry's")

tent herself did a badge of a similar theme not too long ago, where she dressed her character up as Anthy. I took a lot of inspiration from the way she did that badge and integrated it into mine so that they would kind of match.

There's some symbolism in this badge to mirror the strong symbolism in the show, and if you've seen the show it's probably pretty easy to recognize. I wish the colours on this image had turned out more clear, because that dark blue on her jacket is a LOT darker in person. I just couldn't get it right and balance the rest of the colours at the same time. Oh well!

If you like this (and Utena) you should also check out the completely amazing icons that we got from yolk:


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    Like I said on twitter, I actually gasped when I saw this. It's an amazing piece. I wish I could pinpoint everything that makes me love it, but I really struggle with doing so.

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    I really really love this and the outfit.