Roach by quaggy



22 December 2013 at 20:49:59 MST

The original design for this character was done by rooibos!

This is a character I adopted from her nearly a year ago and have been sitting on ever since. I finally figured out what I wanted to do with it, though, so here we are. There's another character that goes with her, but unfortunately I don't have a reference for that one yet. I just drew this up on a whim because I was exploring the character and thinking about her, so who knows when I'll get around to drawing the other, oop.

Most of the information is on her reference. I used a lot of my mortuary knowledge when deciding what her body was like and what kind of character she would be, which is sort of why I adopted her in the first place. I used to go to mortuary school so I figure I might as well use it somewhere since I paid a bunch of money for some death facts, hah. Feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear or if you're curious about something!

I did the "font" for her name by flipping my tablet upside down and struggling to write something resembling letters.

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