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Easy Paint Tool Sai Brushes by QTMelon

Easy Paint Tool Sai Brushes


This is probably my most downloaded item. I had created a set of Easy Paint Tool Sai brushes.

You can download them here

To install the brushes, place the images in same folders I have them in. It's wherever you installed Sai. Then place the start-sai file in the same folder where the Sai.exe file is.

It should automatically update the brushes and create a backup as it starts up Sai.

I wish Weasyl had better ways of handling resoruces like Brush Sharing.

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    Mostly nice. A few of the brushes (Grunge, random blob, shell,street) need adjusting, as you can easily see where the texture ends and restarts. I could grab a screenshot or two if you'd like to see what I mean. Aside from the problematic ones, most of these are pretty nifty, I'll definitely have fun with that watercolor blot brush, as well as the stucco ones.

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      I thought I had fixed the tiling. I might need to go back and see if I have an updated version.

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        its only a few of the brushes, most of the other ones work beautifully.

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          Thank you I will see if I have the updated files that fixed the tiles. I had set them to seamless.