Cer-BEAR-us by Pythos



15 September 2016 at 22:24:33 MDT

Alex loved being a park ranger. He got to spend all the time he wanted outdoors, which especially came in handy every full moon. Alex was a werebear, having been bitten on a camping trip as a Boy Scout. However, there was something different about this full moon. It wasn’t until the extra heads sprouted from his shoulders that he realized what it was: this full moon was on Draw Cerberus Day.

And if that wasn’t enough, two new paws sprouted from his midsection. Looks like he was soon to be a taur, too. Curse you, kobilacroix kobilacroix!

I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist that pun. Plus, you rarely see multi-headed bears.

Human stock by me

Animal stock by Quiet-bliss and Lakela

Background by Druidwustock