Kellos Cheetahroo by Pythos

Kellos Cheetahroo


22 June 2016 at 22:05:01 MDT

Uh oh…looks like I’ve gotten into a bit of a mix with KZmaster. All I did was give him a glomp hug, and then the next think we know we’re together like this. I’m digging’ it, but he doesn’t look too happy at the moment.

I’ve done a fair number of multi-headed characters, but this is my first actual conjoinment manip. It’s still mostly KZ’s body, but with my patterning. It also looks like KZ’s hair has maned out a bit. Thanks again to KZ, for letting me steal his body for a bit.

Human stock by VishStudio

Animal stock by Woxys, AmoretteRose, Fillyrox, Fotostyle-Schindler, Track-maidens and Pythos-stock