Tails and More Tails by Pythos

Tails and More Tails


27 May 2016 at 20:08:13 MDT

Request for mega-anubis12. I don’t typically reuse the same human stock, but we’d been looking for a photo that showed off the paws for his request for a while, and he fell in love with this stock when I used it for my frog manip. With the original requester’s permission, I was able to use it for his as well, and I’m definitely pleased with the result.

Human stock courtesy of bradley-the-fox

Animal stock by Woxys, qiwi-stock and Khalliysgraphy
http://woxys.deviantart.com/art/Guess-what-made-the-FOX-laugh-174808843 (yeah, it’s the third time I’ve used this one. I need to retire it, I guess)