Cheetah Inside by Pythos

Cheetah Inside


1 November 2015 at 20:51:55 MST

Last year, deviantArt ran a contest based on transformations. Unfortunately, my style of photomanipulations weren’t eligible for the contest because they use stock photos. However, I still felt like making something along the lines of the contest entries. This also serves as a spiritual redo of the first sequence I posted online, way back in May 2012. I’ve always been a fan of what you might call “body horror” or “skin ripping” style transformations, such as those found in Company of Wolves or the Werewolf TV show (which directly inspired this one: ). I don’t really consider this one a body horror piece though, personally, more a non-human character removing his human disguise. And before anyone asks, yes, I posed for this myself, so y’all get a chance to see what I actually look like.

Animal stock by Aussiegal7, Jisei and Woxys (used with permission)


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