Clouds (WIP) by Python Blue

Clouds (WIP)

Python Blue

2 January 2014 at 12:17:02 MST

Finally wrote another track, which will likely be part of an EP when finished. Showing the WIP just to prove I'm not dead.

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    do you use a specific set of presets for your synth sounds? or hardware? or do you layer them together from retro-sounding patches? my god @_@ you nail it very well

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      This particular track used custom Kontakt instruments based on samples from a rare late '80s sampler. I do try to experiment a lot, so it's hard for me to say I have a trademark patch. Thanks for listening! :)

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    It's pretty good :D
    What software do you use to make this?

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      Thanks! :) It was all done in a few Kontakt multis, which, as I told sclariqrevk, are based on a late '80s sampler. I am considering acquiring more hardware over just software, though. Thanks for the question, as well as for listening!

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        there are a few retro-y VSTs out there you could try until you're able to acquire your hardware ^^ one that sounds pretty neat is the TAL Elek7ro II. this other "T-Force Alpha TS" sounds pretty nice, too. apparently the guy modelled its way of handling voices after the JP8000. I love its sound over any "modern" VST so far @_@ my only beef is that it eats CPU. otherwise, it sounds beautiful. then there is this "Unifyer 3" VST... haven't done much with it, but judging by the stock presets, it is potentially a wonderful thing.

        I'm sorry to throw this wall at you ^-^; I don't know if you knew about either of these already. just wanted to share and hopefully help in some way ^^;

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          Thanks for the suggestions. Course, I already have some retro VST's, such as the Arturia Prophet V and the Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V. :) I'll look into those as well, though.

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    No problem. I am always open to new music! :D