Explosion by Pure Dragon (critique requested)

Explosion (critique requested)

Pure Dragon

26 January 2014 at 06:55:50 MST

The first "finished" piece of my new style - and new account! It started out a lot bigger but as I took more and more time on it I kept cropping it until it ended up at this size. x3 Anyways, inspired by my new headphone that are just freaking. I was listening to some dubstep and holy crap, the subwoofers are amazing. So I had to draw something, obviously. :p

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    It is so shiny and cool looking!

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    This is incredibly cool!

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    I have the same condition you do. I hear some sweet music and I must draw; I, however, listen to metal and some hip hop. ( I need to find some good dubstep though)

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      Have you heard any of Celldweller's music? Honestly I don't know what it is, as far as I can tell it's a mix of different genres. x3 But it's excellent.

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    Very awesome.I love the details you worked into this.

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    I really love all the shading and lighting done on this. The background is simple, but very effective.