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Kelevtov Trade by Punkaroo

Kelevtov Trade


My half of a trade with Kelevtov on Furaffinity.

Realized I haven't posted to here in forever, so while I'm hanging out being an awkward night owl I might as well toss something up for you guys. Trying to bring a little more form/anatomy into my art, slowly getting the hang of things lol.

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    I really like the blue lines, fits to the colors nicely c:
    That skull face is so well drawn, it looks creepy yet kinda cute.

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      Ahhh, how kind of you! Thank you so much <3

      I was so worried about the blue lines, I never force myself to do different things and my lines are usually black haha, trying to break lots of habits lately so it's nice to hear that I'm doing some things right!

      That skull was mega fun to draw, I've only drawn one before it and it was much more cartoony. I tried to make it have an expression, even though it's just bone haha!

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    I really like how the flower designs lie on the body, it's not easy to make markings like that convincing...!

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      Ahh thank you! :D <3 I figured I might have made them kind of wonky so I'm glad they look alright xD I just drew flat flowers and then warped them a bit >.> ahah!