Invasion of the Plushies: Kent the Womble by Puca-Puca

Invasion of the Plushies: Kent the Womble


1 August 2016 at 16:07:15 MDT

kentwomblesaw a little grey plush walk up to him and motion to be picked up. Kent happily abridged at the featureless but cute shaped thing. Then he noticed it started swelling and growing until it was larger than him, bursting open to reveal a plushie duplicate of himself! Before Kent could admire the work, it swiftly bent over maw agape and engulfed the poor womble, quickly swallowing him into its satin stomach where Kent lay confused and questioning everything. The plush critter gave its belly a squeeze as a patch of a womble appeared on its belly, smiling at nothing as it wandered off.

I really gotta start up a story based thing for these guys. They're making a sudden comeback and a reason would be fun.

Comments are appreciated!

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    Wow, this is really quite cool!
    Might i ask, how do you get that x-ray effect? I've tried something similar in flash before, but was only ever able to get something with a hard edge - I much prefer the fade effect you've got going on here.

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      Well the xray has a soft edge around it in general, as does the brush that is used for the x-ray.