Of Summers- Our Last Day by Psyrus

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Of Summers- Our Last Day


10 February 2014 at 00:18:55 MST

Our Last Day is an ambient song from Of Summers in progress album. It's an old song and you may recognize it from our EP. We're still working on the album, I'm trying to get as much content out on it as I can, but it's been a pretty difficult process since I can't record vocals in my dorm here. Thank you for sticking with us <3

Final version of Contemplation should be out soon

Cover art belongs to https://www.weasyl.com/profile/sarrukh
Used with permission
And yes this is the cover artwork for the album! ^v^ chirps and glows

You can also follow Of Summers and myself at these places!

Tumblr- www.theendofsummers.tumblr.com (main site)

Bandcamp- www.ofsummers.bandcamp.com

Soundcloud- www.soundcloud.com/ofsummers

Twitter- www.twitter.com/neonpsyrus

Facebook- www.facebook.com/OfSummersBand

Youtube- www.youtube.com/user/psyrusaurus


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    Hey dude! You've got a pretty nice sound here!

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      Thank you so much ^v^ im glad you like it!

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    Such ambience. Many foreboding. Yeah, this is great. I dig this, and look forward to checking out the album ^^

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      Brand new EP "The End Of Summers out July 15th! ^v^ squree im really glad you like it!