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Dusk / 18 / Female / Ohio

Who, me?
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes





Flat Color
$ 3.00


Flat Color
$ 6.00


Flat Color
$ 2.00

General Information;

•Please. Please. Please. I will ignore commissions if it's in the comments. Note it to me.
•I manage a real life outside of the internet, and because I'm almost an adult my life can get hectic. Please be aware of this before commissioning me.
•Please have read my T.O.S before commissioning me: https://psychoticdraws.deviantart.com/journal/Commission-T-O-S-691144636
•I have the right to deny your commission if I feel I don't want to do it. I will most likely tell you why and you're free to change your request and try again. Do not modify, trace, copy, sell my works without my permission. You are not allowed to remove my signatures / watermarks.
•I am a serious person when it comes to commissions. I don't mind being nice, but please don't sweet talk or bribe me for commissions / requests, because it will get you blacklisted.


•Do NOT repost on other sites/social media without giving credit. Please credit me by linking back to my dA.
•Do NOT claim my art as your own. If I see this being done, not only will I blacklist and block you, I'll report you and I'll start watermarking my art pieces.
•Do NOT pay before I let you know to
•I will not put up your commission until I have been paid in full. I will ask you to pay when I've finished and post it after I have received payment.
•Please note: I cannot / do not draw from written references. I must have a visual reference.
•Please don't rush me or give me deadlines. I can get very stressed when too much pressure is put on me and it may cause me to cancel the commission. All I ask is that you be respectful and polite.
•Prices listed are BASE prices. It means I can charge more / less for additional content or conditions. Please be aware of that.

Can / Will Draw;
•Animal ears / tails

Can't / Won't Draw;
•Anthro / Animals
•Mecha / Armour
•Fetishes / Hate Art