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Chloe Taylor | ♀ | Student

I'm currently in college studying 'Art and Design' so I'm limited to how much I will draw and upload on here or anywhere else on that note. I am currently only doing small YCH commissions and have no limit on the slots for now, I am considering bigger things for the future however! I've slowly gotten back into the swing of uploading art somewhat regularly when I can get the spare time.

Art Status
Commissions: Open (YCH) Trades: Closed Requests: Friends Only

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YCH Nommie commissions are now OPEN!

on 1 March 2017 at 12:36:03 MST

I just submitted the advert for the nommie commissions but I wanted to send out a journal too just in case.

The commissions are completely customisable from species change, gender, food and drink of choose, clothing and expression. If you want something feel free to ask I will not charge anything over the price but please keep in the guide lines for what can be changed. No extras.

The only rule I have aside from keeping in the guide lines for requests is that you do not ask for these to be adult. These are strictly meant to be cute and I wish not to make them explicit, so please re frame from asking for any adult content to be included.

Be sure to be quick, once I have a decent amount of offers I will close the commissioning queue and you'll have to wait until I reopen. This will not necessarily take long, once I have finished the queue I will reopen and repeat the process. I am not yet sure how long I will do these commissions for but! If the demand is high and this goes well I'll continue doing them.

Other than that, I am happy to tackle anything you fire at me. I will link examples below if you wish to views the ones I have already created so you have an idea of what they can look like and how much they can be mixed up! I'm excited to finally be doing commissions and for now I am content with it being something small. I will attempt bigger projects in the future!

Advert here: and

Price: £15.00 (Roughly converts to $18.00)

Note or email me to claim a commission, from there I'll ask for reference, payment and send regular snapshots through the draw up to make sure you are content with how it looks!

Previous batches and examples:

Any questions? Send a note or email me at

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YCH - Nommie commissions

Species, Gender, Clothing, Food or drink, Expression.
£ 15.00

Starting out with just YCH commissions, primarily the small nommie YCH's for now!


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