Starry Nights 2019 by Psychix

Starry Nights 2019


7 January 2019 at 15:10:34 MST

So! As I was looking back at some of my old art I always come back to a certain piece. It kind of marked the turning point of myself as an artist, even though it is dang near almost five years old now!
This picture was around the time I first started to settle for Anthony's design. He originally was all brown with multi colored eyes. Had some wierd brown racoon tail and was just generally all over the place with every possible character design and idea I thought was incredibly cool! However it looked BAD. 
I ended up just sitting down and messing with around colors and hairstyles for awhile. After hours I ended up with what he is now, and back then I put my HEART and SOUL into that picture.
It kinda represents my slow, but steady uphill climb to where I am now! Psy is even my witness. I always Mention to him how awesome it would be to revamp the picture, but he always encourages me to do different pieces to better my skills as an artist. Even though I kinda went behind his back and did it anyways 

I did put maximum effort into this picture. I tried too atleast and I absolutely adore how it came out. It's incredible how far ive come and how much I worked to get to this! 
I'm proud of myself in all honesty. Ive never taken a single art course and i've learned all I did from references, trial and error, and hard work. 
Even so I'm still not the best, and it can only keep getting better from here right!
<3That's enough of me gabbing<3
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