August Interrogation by P-sebae

August Interrogation


14 December 2014 at 07:39:47 MST

We’ve be given permission to post these so here’s my contribution to the MGS 2015 Fan Calender.

The Calender is focused on scenes from The Phantom Pain, such as we know them from the trailers. My copy of it arrived the other day and all the work in it is absolutely stunning, it’s A3 with images big enough to keep after the year is up, if you’re still looking for a calender I fully endorse this one, there was no profit made, the price only reflects the production costs, so it’s cheap as hell for something absolutely gorgeous.

Previews and Order information can be found through this post:


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    Wow... I'm stunned! So realistic looking! Why has the man that is being interrogated mecha things on his legs? Do they help him walk or are they an added torture device or something? I have no familiarity wit the game whatsoever. I really like the shirts however, the folds you did there are amazing!! I really can imagine their texture and everything.

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      Yes, Huey was born unable to walk, at some point between The Phantom Pain (2015) and Peace Walker, which was the last time we saw him, he's gone from his wheelchair to these devices, we don't know much about them yet. Thank you ^^

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    Oh I see. That's a nice idea. And you are welcome, as always :)