A Peaceful Moment by P-sebae (critique requested)

A Peaceful Moment (critique requested)


31 March 2016 at 12:58:59 MDT

Not been having a great few days, my focus has been all over the place, but strangely when I wasn't spiralling downwards or spiking upwards, I was drawn to this, so I guess this is a mental-heath-break picture.

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    Very nice work!

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    This is gorgeous.

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      Thank you very much ^^

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    I don't know what to say- great job! Also loving that background work~

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      Thank you, I'm trying to focus more on my images as a whole this year, I like how my gallery looks when things back backgrounds.

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        That's great! You and I seem to have the same goals this year. I know you'll do a great job.

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    Crit from this wise ass:

    Strong comp! Nice directional flow. Be careful with the cliff tangent on the left edge of the canvas.
    Watch cloud sharpness: The horizon should be softer than the clouds closer to us.
    I'd push the shadows on the dragon a little bit further and catch some sexy rim light on the face. Try melting in the details instead of outlining them.

    checks out rest of gallery

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      Thanks for the help.
      Do you mean the foreground rock lining up too much with that one in the background, or not being a sharp enough angle against the edge?
      I'm not sure I agree with you on the clouds (texture of the brush I used aside), but then my referance was quite small. Depending on the clouds... but being so indistinct tend to loose form closer to the camera, as the eye depends less on shadow and highlights to make them out, and can make out more of what's really there: whispiness. The exception is with haze or less defined clouds, then it tends to become a distant mist.
      There's at least 3 different formations here, but nice comparison against the higher less defined clouds

      I mean I have put backlighting on the face, but it's not strong enough? And I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by 'melting the details'?

      I have made some changes though, and will upload the new version in a moment if you'd be willing to take another look?

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        You're right on the clouds.
        There are some small shapes outlined on the wing; I feel that if they were just the colours butting next to each other it'd give the wings more of a pattern, rather than planar changes.

        Total nit picking at this point; don't worry (especially if I'm still not making total sense X3 )
        Crits are hard when you're not in peson

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          Do you mean the lines on the wing, or the darker areas around the mustard spots?
          The areas around the spots are darker coloured areas, no lines, the longer lines are just a stylistic thing I've always enjoyed.

          Thank you very much for the help ^^